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Coherent Laser Fiber Optic Cable Mopa (322859389412)
Coherent VERDI Laser Fiber Optic Cable (222702603323)
Johnson Conntrols Water Valve V46AR-1 Size 1-1/2" Flanged (322955596471)
Coherent Laserscope Dual HR Cavity Mirror 1064 & 532nm (323064580779)
LG Philips LM190E05-SL02 lcd Screen display 19" (322860582546)
Cisco NM-HD-2VE 2 Port Network Module With vic4fxs/DiD & wic 1dsu-t1-v2 (222963545630)
General Radio 1433-M Decade Resistor General Radio (322955600258)
Coherent Laser Fiber Optic Cable Jumper-800um-6.1m long SMA (222702536906)
Cisco NM-CUE Unity Express Voice Mail Call Manager 40GB (222963161728)
Coherent VERDI-830 Laser Fiber Optic Cable (222703897018)
Thorlabs MC1000 Optical Chopper (322955598986)
Copley Controls Accelnet 800-1441 Servo Amplifier (222703894266)
HFWPL Amplifier (322861047395)
Coherent Etalon Power For Verdi (222663221004)
Coherent Laser Fiber Optic Cable G-18-830um 3.0m (323065082819)
Coherent Cable SMA500 X CuSMA 200um x 6m Still Seal In Bag (222701982464)
Control Technology Controller 2600XM-10 REV.C (322955597182)
Mitsubishi Freqrol K400 Motor Drive FR-K440-3.7K-U 5HP (222767476138)
Coherent Laser 3:1 fiber combiner Fiber Optic Cable 800um-5.0m (222663218766)
Fiber Optic Cable 800um-5.0m (323201998670)
Axon Instruments Molecular Devices DR-1 Series Resistance Dither Unit Axopatch (222703898060)
Copley Controls Xenus 800-1442 Servo Drive 27117657 (222703356324)
ACMI IMP-1340 Endoscopy Camera Head (323073836410)
Q-Switch Laser Gooch & Housego I-QS27-7C10G-R5-GH80 (322861045242)
TeraXion Laser Filter Module TF-CUS-1552.5-9nm-X% modulator (222663130304)
Coherent Unmounted Diode Laser Bars (UMB-28%x2.0mm) (222762173327)
Coherent AVIA HP SHIFT Heater Flex BD assy 1102562 (322796769139)
THORLABS TC200 Temperature Heater Controller (322796771694)
Mellanox /IBM 45W6288 IS50XX 36 Port Managed Switch (322796837912)
VueMetrix (VUE-MV) (Laser Diode DPSS System Controllers (322796931993)
Shimadzu LC-10AD Pump Unit (222663123479)
General Monitors GM Model S4000C Combustible Gas Intelligent Sensor Monitor (222702547812)
Gooch & Housego R23080-1-1.55LTD Acousto-Optic Modulator (222703902415)
Xantrex XFR 100-12 DC Power Supply, 100V, 12A (222703905689)
Nikon 10x 0.45 Plan Apo DIC N1 Microscope Objective Planapo (Auction For One ) (323073745628)
Axon Instruments HS-2A Headstage GAIN X 1LU for Axoclamp-2B (222703897731)
Thor Labs S1FC1310 Laser Source 1310nm (322859515206)
Omron NS5-MQ10B-V2 24 DC Interactive Display Touch Screen (222703900067)
Pair of ADS High Fidelity Loud Speakers Model 710 (222963741274)
Brimrose Fiber-Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulator ipm-200-25-20-1550-2fp-per20 (222703369426)
Thorlabs MDT690 0-150V 60mA 3-Axis Digital Channel Laboratory Piezo Controller (222833310264)
EG&G GP-86 High Energy Ceramic-Metal Triggered Gas Laser Spark Gap 25kA (222703900632)
ADVANTECH CPU BOARD PCA-6194G Intel (R) 2.13GHz with 8GB (222663163517)
Coherent Fiber Driver Bd Assy 1190574 (322796862779)
New Wave Research Mountz Torque Analyzer TL-25i With Case And Accessories (322796878356)
Mitutoyo PJ-300 172-203 lens 500249 20x (222663202970)
Comet CVSA-1000AC/15-CTP3 Variable Vacuum Capacitor (222702586337)
Molecular Devices FlexStation Pipettor Head Kit 16-Channel Part Number:0310-5025 (222767479854)
JDS Uniphase JDSU 21042269 Modulator W/P.D.10Gb (322796902150)
Simplay Labs SL-309 CEC/CDC Explorer (323066643131)
PicoView PV-300-L with Sony XC-ST30 CCD Video Camera Module (222663173529)
Lecroy Catalyst Crossfire Error Injecttion System (222663206335)
HP 83485a Optical / Electrical Module w OPT 034 (222918708835)
Altera Stratix IV GX FPGA Development Board (322859561747)
Olympus otv-sc With Olympus AR-T12E (323075917673)
VAT 65548-PHHX-CAE2/0085 Control Isolation Valve (322955600404)
Molecular Devices Flipr Tetra 1536 Tip Block Part #0200-6112 (322955596594)
Keyence Corp Console CV-701 With Remote (322955600079)
Axon Instruments AL403 Picoammeter (100 pAIL) (222701984983)
HIGHYAG HY-LLK-0600.10 Industrielle optische Glas Faser Kabel Fiber Cable (322860582337)
Tektronix TDS784C 4 channe 1GHz 4GSa/s oscilloscope Opt: 13 1F 2M 2F HD (222702581144)
Molecular Devices SoftMax Pro 6.4 Microplate Analysis Software & Product Key # (222703905121)
AXON INSTRUMENTS (Hasp) PCLAMP 9 (without Box) (322858961975)
Inrad Optics Pockels Crystals Xtal Pockels Cell Sol-Gel (222663208947)
Wave Research EZ-LAZE 532 / 355 Control Panel & Foot Pedal (222663163721)
LUMINA POWER LDD-3000-120-25-RS (323071239019)
ADVANTECH ODM-CPI1001 MAINBOARD FOR Advanced TCA (222663206677)
Ascension Technology Corporation laserBIRD 2 (322955597097)
ILX Lightwave LDC-3752 Laser Diode Controller (222663201606)
Simplay Labs Tools SL-860 MHL/TX Analyzer (323066610149)
Nuphoton Laser Module Fiber ASE NP2000M With Heatsink (222663224459)
Advanced Energy AE RFPP RF-5S 13.56 MHz 500W Power Supply (222767478246)
Agilent / HP 83485A Optical Plug In Module with option H92 2.488/9.953 Gb/s (323201992055)
Gooch & Housego R15200-.2-1.55-GAp-FO-GH-PER-FC/APC-RAY1 Fiber-Optic Modulator (222703903524)
coherent CEP Stabilizer for Legend Elite (222767477669)
Limo FI-F-0095 High Power Fiber Coupled Laser Diode,780-1000nm, 500W (222703906016)
nLIGHT Pearl™ P14 series 95w diode Fiber LD LASER (222663170131)
GOOCH & HOUSEGO SFO1586-T-M200-0.1C2G-3-F2P-03 (322858929804)
Comdel Match Network Pro CPMX-2500 Novellus 27-282821-00 Rev:A (222663221699)
Comet 20033653 Ag Flamatt RF Match 13.56 MHz (222663232135)
Asyst 04630-003 Loader Elevator Top Indexer w/ Hine Design PCB, Gasonics 94-1175 (322955597513)
Princeton Instruments st-135 W/Acton Research Corp SpectraPro-275 & iry-700s/rb (222839697395)
Rofin By Raydiance Fiber Laser 20W WaveLength 1000-1700nm .Model 030-505 (222767476929)
Sunrise Telecom Sunset MTT Datacom Modules (322796934350)
COMET AG FLAMATT 10008781 RF MATCH (322861041422)
MITUTOYO OBJECTIVE LENS M PLAN APO NIR 20X/0.40 ∞/0 f=200 (322796761002)
Toptica Photonics FemtoFiber Smart FemtoFYb (322796872063)
Leybold TW701 Turbo Pump,800051V0025 59V 48000rpm,Turbo Drive 700 (322796866043)
Agilent HP 8504B 1300-1550nm Precision Reflectometer (322796762723)
Coherent highlight FLC Laser Head (222836535157)
Lam Research PL Facil ESC 300 mm 715-042350-117 New / Original Sealed (222767478007)
Finisar WaveShaper 1000M/SP WS-RY-1000M-SP-H (222703900458)
JDSU Innocor TS-30 Test Set Multirate N550-0100 With (2) oc-3/12/48GbE STM1/4/16 (222663231395)
HP/Agilent 35670A FFT Dynamic Signal Analyzer loaded w/ Opt 1C21D1AN2 (222663123839)
Spectra Physics 30W Pump Laser Diode 0449-0445 ,0407-1250,0449-0453 Lots Of 3 (222663129110)
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